2008 News

Bendigo Bank sponsorship for 2008!

On Tuesday the 20th November 2007, Scott Wills and Tricia Lovell attended the Forrestfield Community Bank’s 7th AGM and the handing over of the Community Grants for 2007. Our club received $5,300.00, which is to go towards the purchase of equipment for Minkey/Hook in2 Hockey and tracksuit tops for our two Hills womens teams. 


Each club receiving a grant was presented with a large framed cheque and the representatives were photographed with the chairman (Phil Mutter) before then outlining the intended use of the grant. Tricia spoke about the two areas that will receive funding in our club:

  • Minkey/Hook in2 Hockey, for which the purchase of a set of sticks,  balls and other gear will greatly assist in taking programs into the local schools, which had been so successful in 2007.  This age group has has seen the biggest growth in the club in recent years, and Kalamunda does consider boosting junior numbers its top priority.
  • Our club has also been successful of late in encouraging ladies, particularly mothers, back into the realm of exercise and team sport, and while this has had good on-field results, the biggest win has been in the strong social interaction and cooperation between the women.  Assistance towards their tracksuits will help strengthen the team identity and involvement at a time when many other clubs in the competition are struggling to maintain numbers.

Scott then thanked the bank for its support and encouragement for our club. The club has been with the Bendigo Bank in Forrestfield for a number of years, a consequence of their products being much friendlier and convenient for sporting clubs at a local level – this was our first application for a Community Grant.


The support from the Bendigo Bank will be acknowledged more formally on our website soon, but in the interim, the Committee would like to extend our appreciation to the Bank for their substantial boost to our club for the coming season.


Paul Hulcup (1983-2007)

Most of us first met Paul during pre-season training in 2004. Paul had come to Perth from the country, and was encouraged by Graham Ryan (his uncle) to join the hockey club he coached, Kalamunda Districts. Paul’s first training session started with a run from the playground at Burswood, across the Windan Bridge, through East Perth and back over the Causeway (~6.5 km). We’d forgotten that Paul hadn’t done this run before and wasn’t a local – the run finished for most as the light was fading, but Paul hadn’t returned. We then found that he had mistakenly turned off the Causeway a bit early, and had been running around Herrison Island! He eventually made it back to the main group, and took our jokes with what we soon found to be his typical good humour.

From that moment Paul became a valued member of our club. He had no pretensions of being a great hockey player (which was just as well, given the regularity of his hamstring injuries) – for him it was much more about participation within a club and in particular a team made up of his friends. His commitment to regular training should embarrass many of our “elite” players; his commitment to the club serves as an example to us all. Paul would always stay back to watch and support other teams. Even when injured, he would always come to support his team on a Saturday afternoon. And, unlike many others, he never complained when asked to umpire on short notice (or questioned an umpire’s decision). He mixed with and was well-liked by players of all levels.

Paul’s contribution as a player should also be remembered. After struggling a little early on, he became a surprisingly regular goal-scorer in our 3rd mens side in 2005 and 2006, and in 2005 was part of our first team at that level to win a final in 13 seasons, only just missing out on a grand-final.

Paul passed away on August 6, just days after playing in his team’s best performance for the year (a narrow loss to the top side). The suddenness of it has affected all who knew him. It’s sad that his gentle nature is only fully appreciated on his absence, but I’m sure we will always remember him as a good clubman and a good friend. 

– Phil Fawell, August 8, 2007


Memo from HockeyWA on player behaviour

The following was received on June 21 from the CEO of HockeyWA:

A recent incident in the Hockey WA Men’s Competition resulted in the suspension of a player for the remainder of the season by a Hockey WA Tribunal. With this incident, and coupled with the high number of red cards being recorded in men’s senior grades, it is timely to remind clubs they are responsible for the behaviour of their players, coaches and managers to ensure that hockey is enjoyed in a competitive, but not offensive or dangerous manner.


Please see below some important points from the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy regarding correct player behaviour;

1. Behave in a sporting manner at all times to all players, officials and spectators. 

2. Don’t make detrimental statements in respect of the performance of any match officials or umpires. 

3. Play by the rules at all times and ensure that the game of hockey is not brought into disrepute by your actions. 

4. Do not engage in inappropriate and/or physical contact with players or officials during the course of play. 

5. Refrain from using obscene, offensive or insulting language and/or making obscene gestures which may insult other players, officials or spectators.

Offensive behaviour by players towards umpires, the opposition, their own team or the crowd should not be condoned or tolerated.

We ask that all Kalamunda members take note of the above and act accordingly.  Also be aware that there is always a large number of children of all ages at our grounds when games are on, and we would like the playing environment to be such that people still feel comfortable to bring their families along.

Umpiring Resources

The State Officiating Program (SOP) provided by HockeyWA is now all web-based.  This is a fantastic resource, with movies used to demonstrate rules and interpretations.  Definitely worth a browse (see link below), and if you want to gain accreditation for any of the levels, please let a committee member know.