KalaHockey Commits to Container Deposit Scheme

KalaHockey has partnered with Western Australia Return Recycle Renew (WARRRL) to participate in the WA Containers For Change scheme.

On the 1st October Containers For Change will officially start in WA, allowing us to recieve a 10c refund on all intact, eligible containers.

KalaHockey has signed up to become a Virtual Donation Point. That means that when you take your eligible containers to a drop off point you can supply our Scheme ID and the refund will go to our wonderful club!

KalaHockey’s Scheme ID is C10272713.

You can find your closest drop off point by clicking here.

Thanks to Scouts WA we will also have a mini-skip at the club for members to drop off their eligible containters during Spring Hockey @ Hartfield.

Containers for Change targets drink containers most commonly seen as litter. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund.

All containers smaller than 150ml and bigger than 3L are not eligible for a refund. Other ineligible containers include:

  • plain milk containers,
  • glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits,
  • large containers (1L or more) which have contained flavoured milk, pure juice, cask wine or cask water,
  • cordial or vegetable juice containers,
  • wine sachets above 250ml,
  • and registered health tonics

A good indication that your containers are eligible for a refund is if they have the text “10c refund at collection depots/points in participating state/territory of purchase”. If you want to check if your container is part of the Containers For Change scheme, you can enter its barcode on the Containers For Change website to find out.