Positions Vacant

Volunteers Required:

  • Equipment Officers
  • Building Maintenance Coordinator
  • Thursday Night Dinner Coordinator
  • Lighting Project Team
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Coordinators
  • Fundraising Coordinators

Equipment Officers

Time commitment – 3 – 4 hours a week for approx. 4 weeks before season, minimal during season, 3 – 4 hours a week for a couple of weeks at the end of the season.

Main roles and responsibilities:

Before season (Feb/March) – 3 – 4 hours a week for a couple of weeks

  • Prepare gear bags for Junior, Senior and Masters teams at the start of each season. Gear bags include equipment like training balls, game balls, cones, bibs, masks etc – all the gear that team will need to do training and games.
  • Sign gear bags out to the right people at the start of the season.

During season – field calls from coaches who might need more equipment or have questions. Minimal involvement.

End of season (Sept/Oct) – 3 – 4 hours a week for a couple of weeks

  • Check bags are returned at the end of the season (usually team managers or coaches are responsible). Bags are usually returned at the busy bee at the end of the year when the clubrooms are being tidied. Ask newsletter/facebook to put reminders on Social Media and ask Junior Coordinator/DOC to email coaches and managers.
  • Check condition of returned equipment at the end of the season – dispose of broken cones, balls, check bibs are returned clean, that no masks are missing from the kits.
  • Make a list of equipment that needs to be replaced or upgraded based on the condition of the kits and feedback from coaches. Obtain quotes if you can, and give to the committee for approval.

During Summer (1 – 2 hours a week, 2 or 3 weeks)

  • Maintain the school clinic kits. These consist of large bags of approx. 20 loan sticks, practice balls, and cones. From time-to-time check condition of the stick grips, may need to be repaired with tape. Check coaches are returning the bags to the correct place in the storage shed.
  • Spring and summer hockey program – this gear is used weekly and returned to the shed. Every now and then check the gear is put back in the right place.

Further information: this role would suit someone who is organised and enjoys organising things. It can be split into 2 or 3 roles (summer and winter seasons) or is easily managed by 1 person and would suit a pair who are happy to work together. You will work with the current equipment officer (Tracey) to help you find your feet initially, most gear bags are already ready for 2021 so it will be just taking the handover and getting gear in at the end of the year. The coaches mostly manage the equipment during summer, this is just to provide them with some support.

Building Maintenance Coordinator

Time commitment – Most of the time nothing, sometimes a couple of queries in a week. The role is active all year round.

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Be familiar with the lease agreement, what is the City’s responsibility and what is the club’s responsibility.
  • Organise quotes from tradies to complete the various repair works. For example, electrical tagging, cleaning aircon filters.
  • Follow up the City if there are problems outside our control, to check they are fixed up.
  • Keep an eye on any potential future issues, so we can avoid them before they become maintenance issues (i.e. keeping an eye on downpipes, new damage)
  • At busy bee time, provide the committee with a list of works to be done, and help organise the right volunteers to complete the work before Summer.

Further information: We have a beautiful new clubroom, but it does take work to keep it maintained in good condition. We are looking for someone who can take ownership of the clubrooms and stay on top of the small maintenance items that come up from time to time. Suits someone with good follow up, and attention to detail. The role is flexible and emailing/follow ups/work can be done out of hours.

The committee can organise members to open the clubrooms up when work is to be done, but we would also be happy to give this responsibility to the building maintenance coordinator.

There are sometimes small repair works that can be done by the club – if you are a “handy” person and drilling a hole or patching some render does not scare you, this could be a great role for you.

Thursday Night Dinner Coordinator

Time commitment – during season, Thursday evenings, couple of hours supervising.

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Maintain the “Thursday Night Dinner” volunteer signup sheet – this is a sheet located in the main hall, and generally volunteers will put their names down when they can help. This is usually up 4 weeks in advance, so people have plenty of notice what they are bringing. Each week there’s usually 3 – 4 main dishes so there are plenty of options for meals.
  • Check where there are gaps in the volunteer roster from time to time, may need to ask other parents at the clubrooms for training who is able to bring a dish.
  • On the night, help those bringing in food keep it warm (over/baine-marie/slowcookers etc), check that plates/bowls/cutlery are out, help serve if required.
  • Razz up some volunteers at the end of the night to do dishes (you don’t have to do them all by yourself!)
  • Check the canteen is left tidy.
  • Keep the social media team in the loop of what’s coming up on Thursday night dinners so we can advertise.

Thursday night dinners is a great tradition we have at our clubrooms, bringing our community together through shared good times. The coordinator doesn’t need to do all the work, but it is helpful if they are a parent or helper who is usually at the clubrooms on a Thursday night for junior or senior training so they can keep an eye that everything is moving smoothly.

Lighting Project Team

Time commitment – Involves some meetings throughout the year, planning meetings emails. This one is a bit time consuming. It would suit someone who has experience with projects or project management, and working with Local Government.

The club has 2 major projects it is pursuing at the moment – the Turf and Field Lighting.

Field lighting is separate to the turf project – the turf will have its own lighting to night playing specs, but the grass fields still need lighting for the large number of junior and senior teams that will be training on grass.

The club is looking for a member or members who are can work on developing a project and working with several stakeholders including the City of Kalamunda. Lighting is critical to the development of our club and we can’t do it without the support of our community.

If you think this is something you can help with, please give the President of the Club, Kimberley an email or call to discuss the current status of the project.

Social Media Manager

Time commitment – 1-2 hour a week, including reading and staying on top of emails. Almost an all-year-round role – lots of communication goes out in the 2 months before season starts, and the month after it finishes. During season there is much less as the majority of organising and information going out happens before this.

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • We use Instagram and Facebook, and posts can generally be scheduled in advance, so you do not have to always be on Facebook!
  • Keeping an eye on the events coming up with various members of the committee and working with the newsletter and website coordinators to make sure all content gets where it needs to go.
  • There will often be emails from members/committee asking for “something to be put of facebook”. Usually this needs to be done within 1 – 2 days of being requested as we are all volunteers, so sometimes plans come together quickly
  • Making events for carnivals, club days, training sessions etc, publishing and posting on Facebook to generate interest
  • Keep an eye on queries coming through our Facebook page chat – and if you have the answer, responding to queries

The committee is always doing a lot behind the scenes. To completement our weekly newsletters and website updates, regular updates on Facebook let our community know what’s going and when its going on. We have found the role does require keeping tabs on emails from the committee, as usually when an idea comes up, its shared with the social media team to be put to the community.

Event Coordinators –

Up to 3 or 4 people to form a team to deliver small events throughout the season. Would suit a team adopting this initiative or a group of friends/parents

Time commitment – 1 – 2 hours every few weeks during season

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Working with the committee to identify potential “club days” based on fixtures.
  • Have access to a ute or similar to transport the BBQ from the clubrooms to the venue and/or back.
  • Be willing to buy sausage sizzle supplies (reimbursed by club) including drinks, sausages, buns, sauces. May need to organise a small float on Sausage Sizzle Days
  • When it’s a club day at the clubrooms, organising BBQ breakfast for parents during junior games.

During season we have 3 – 4 rounds when our games all line up and we are able to hold a “club day” (either at home or at the Guildford Turf). The club likes to be able to host a sausage sizzle or lunch as a fund raiser for our teams and for those who want to watch multiple games. By having a few people in this role, we can share the workload of organising who is responsible for bringing the BBQ and supplies once they are there its relatively easy to get volunteers to help cook the sausages (or bacon egg rolls in the mornings).

Fundraising Coordinators:

2 – 3 people

Time commitment – 3 – 4 hours a week for a short period of time.

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • Developing a fund raiser idea during the year and then delivering with the support of the committee.
  • For example, a raffle or mystery wine drive, chocolates, Entertainment Book, Bendigo Bank Community raffle
  • Being able to coordinate with suppliers for donating products, working with our sponsorship team to make contact with local businesses who may donate, or ordering wine/chocolates to be distributed.
  • Applying for permits for fundraisers if required
  • Keeping track of raffle books etc, through working with team managers and ensuring funds are collected.

The Club is looking forward to having a quiz night this year, and to assist with additional fundraising, are looking to have smaller fundraisers throughout the year. These could include raffles or fundraising chocolates. While there is a little bit of organising involved in these kinds of activities, the return for our club is very appreciated and helps us deliver better programs, invest in our future and reduce costs to players where we can.