Kalahockey History

Kalamunda has never been a 1A or Classic League club, and its hard to imagine this happening, other than through the back door via a merger. However, that doesn’t mean the club’s history is any less colourful, or that hard-fought success on a smaller stage is somehow less satisfying. One benefit of our “isolation” in the foothills and low profile is that the majority of our players have come from our surrounding region and, from the late 70’s, predominantly through our junior ranks. We certainly don’t (and can’t) attract the mercenaries that seem a characteristic of modern hockey, and a positive consequence is that there’s rarely any social or training barriers between Kalamunda players of any grade.

Certain families feature prominently in the club’s history. Ralph Blazey is acknowledged as the father of the club, while his son Ian progressed from our first junior side to be a top-side regular and club president in the mid-80’s. Kim Ledger spanned four decades as a player and administrator, while for most of us at Kalamunda his son Heath is still best remembered as an energetic and noisy Under 13. The Scanlon family (Dave, Janet and their three sons) were involved with Kalamunda in some manner almost continuously from 1968 through to 1995. Maurice and Sally Gouldthorp as well as their three sons were great contributors through the 80’s and 90’s. In recent the names Wills, Howe, Lovell and Rowcroft are important as club administrators, coaches and players. On the women’s side, Aileen Moore, Margaret Beaton and her two daughters as well as virtually the entire Carlhausen clan were highly active both before and after the merger of the Lesmurdie Ladies with the Kalamunda men.

Examination of the following pages will show that since 1967, Kalamunda has seen a number of other clubs come and (more regularly) go. Most worrying over that time has been the loss or weakening of clubs in the eastern suburbs of Perth, with Canning Districts, Dale and Gosnells having declined considerably in the number senior male players from their heydays. The concentration of clubs to the west of Perth can’t be healthy in the long-term, and this isn’t helped by WAHA’s apparent belief that the eastern suburbs can be lumped in with Joondalup and Harlies in its planning. Its important that clubs like Kalamunda and the now merged Old Guildford/Mundaring remain healthy, even if only to provide support for the development of juniors in a fast-growing region.

We owe a special debt to the late Joe Bruers for providing some wonderful photos from the 1970’s and for fleshing out many of the details from that time. These pages will hopefully provide a permanent reminder of just how big a part he played in the development of this club. 

We apologise for the limited details available on the site related to the history of women’s side of the club, and we hope this deficiency will be rectified. The gaps that exist on the men’s side are slowly being filled – the latest revisions include more details on ladder positions for teams, thanks to access to old Hockey Bulletins through the Alexander Library and WAHA. Thanks to Peter Birch for providing an excellent description of the 1979 Reserve Green Premiership. If anyone else reading these pages can help with information or photos, please contact us as we’d welcome any prompts to our failing memories.

These pages provide a comprehensive journal of the history of our club and special thanks go to one of our Life Members, Phil Fawell, for his research and collation of information. To view the club’s history by periods, use the attached menu.