Coronavirus Update 16th March

The last week has seen some more announcements regarding Coronavirus COVID-19. The Kalahockey Committee would like to let you know we are currently monitoring releases from Hockey WA, Hockey Australia and various State and Federal government agencies to make sure we are responding in the best way we can to the changing landscape.

As of Thursday 12th March we are following Hockey WA and Hockey Australia advice to continue with planned activities (including the Carnival on the 21st March) with increased hygiene and asking members to self-exclude if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, even if you don’t think it is COVID-19. We also ask anyone who has been overseas recently or spent time with someone who was overseas recently to self-exclude, whether you have symptoms or not.

We are also adopting the following recommendations from HockeyWA and Hockey Australia:

  • Replacing handshakes at the start and conclusion of games with other non-contact versions, such as tapping sticks, a fist pump or a thumbs up.
  • Only using your water bottle and avoiding sharing with others or using communal water bottles.
  • Take care with shared food handling. If your team has oranges or lollies to share, please use tongs to distribute them
  • Continue to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Keep 1.5m from anyone coughing or sneezing

It is very important for players and spectators to follow these recommendations so we can limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect those most at risk, such as the elderly.

Kalahockey is monitoring the situation daily and will update our members if there are further developments

We thank you for your help in keeping everyone at Kalahockey healthy, happy and ready for an awesome season.