Juniors yr8 down 2013 (20) (Copy)Juniors hockey is very important to the Kalamunda Hockey Club. Hockey is a great way for kids to exercise, develop physical skills and socialise.

Turf Teams: Our older junior teams compete and train on astro turf (e.g. synthetic/artificial grass).

Games: Friday Nights

Training: Boys on Monday Nights | Girls on Wednesday Nights

  • 11/12 A Promotion BoysCoach: Austin Guthrie | Assistant Coach: Wyste de Boer
  • 11/12 B GirlsCoach: Jodie Fitzgerald | Assistant Coach: Damien Bascombe
  • 11/12 C GirlsCoach: Olivia Baildham | Assistant Coach: Patrick O’Reilly

Games: Sunday Mornings

Training: Boys on Wednesday Nights | Girls on Monday Nights

  • 9/10 B (Gold) BoysCoach: Richard Guthrie | Assistant Coach: Andrew Vincent
  • 9/10 C GirlsCoach: Joanne Trembath | Assistant Coach: Sarah Baildham

Grass Teams: Our younger junior teams train and compete on grass with an occasional turf game and training.

Games: Saturday Mornings

Training: Thursday Nights

  • 7/8 B (Gold) Boys¬†– Coach: Rusty Snook
  • 7/8 B (Gold) Girls¬†Coach: Andrew Dearnley
  • 5/6 Boys (Blue) Mixed Coach: Shaun O’Reilly
  • 5/6 Boys (Red) Mixed Coach: Gabrielle Keane

See the Fees page for registration and uniform costs. Contact our Junior Coordinator Raimon Lyon If you have any questions.