The following deposits are required upon registration and must be received prior to a players first game to ensure they are covered by the competitions insurance scheme:

  • Senior turf players: $50
  • Senior grass players: $50
  • Junior turf players: $25
  • Junior grass players: $25
Registration fee to be paid at before playing. The fee will be deducted off fees below.

Payments may be paid by EFTPOS or cash at the clubrooms or electronic transfer using the details below:


Bank:Bendigo Bank
Account Number:116624073

Revised 2020 fees are now available.

The slightly shorter season has allowed us to reduce our fees for this year by 20%. We hope this helps everyone in these difficult times.

If you have paid your fees in full, please contact our Vice President, Darren Macneall, to discuss an arrangement for your extra payment.

As a club KalaHockey is also facing difficult times. Our normal fundraising events, such as our annual raffle, look like they will not go ahead this year, and with State Government restrictions our income from the bar and canteen will be limited. We ask that anyone that is able to consider donating the difference between the original 2020 fees and the new revised fees. We suggest either donating to our lighting project through the ASF or to the general KalaHockey club account for general expenses.

Turf Fees 2020OldRevisedNotes
Senior Turf$585.00$470.00
Concession Senior Turf$480.00$385.00Students, Pensioners & 1st year out of Jnrs
Goalie Senior with own Gear Snr Turf$350.00$280.00
Goalie Junior with own Gear Snr Turf$170.00$135.00
Junior playing in snr turf team$260.00$210.00If registered in junior team – fees are considered paid
11/12 Dual Membership in snr team $110.00$90.00Dual Membership with other clubs
Grass Fees 2020OldRevisedNotes
Senior Grass$410.00$330.00
Concession Grass$350.00$280.00Students, Pensioners & 1st year out of Jnrs
Goalie Snr with own gear Snr Grass$205.00$165.00
Goalie Jnr with own gear Snr Grass$125.00$100.00
Junior playing in Snr Grass team only$245.00$195.00If registered in junior team – fees are considered paid.
Junior Fees 2020OldRevisedNotes
Teams selected in turf will incur an additional fee
2nd Sibling 9/10, 11/12$196.00$160.00
3rd Sibling 9/10, 11/12$172.00$140.00
2nd Sibling 7/8$160.00$130.00
3rd Sibling 7/8$140.00$110.00
2nd Sibling 5/6$132.00$105.00
3rd Sibling 5/6$116.00$90.00
Goalie Jnr on Grass 9/10, 11/12$120.00$95.00With own gear
Goalie Jnr on Grass 7/8$110.00$90.00With own gear
Goalie Jnr on Grass 5/6$95.00$75.00With own gear
Junior Secondary Registration$50.00$40.005/6, 7/8, 9/10 only (playing for another club
KalaMinkey 1 Term$60.00$60.00Packs sold separately
Other Fees – UnchangedFeeNotes
Life Member$0.00
Casual Player Turf Registration$125.00Includes 3 playing games.

Additional games are $30.00

Can play 10 casual games in the season
Casual Player Grass Registration$75.00Includes 3 playing games

Additional games are $25.00

Can play 10 casual games in the season
Associate Member$25.00
Social Member$25.00

See Uniforms page for uniforms.