Life Members

Ralph BlazeyB. Aylemore
William HearleB. Sturgeon
John WoodburryT. Lovell
Nairn AshworthA. Vincent
Royce SpencerS. Wills
David Scanlon
David Newton
Michael Pierce
Margaret Beaton
John Boogaard
Phillip Fawell
John Ingram
Margaret Howe
Dennis Wills
Mark Lewis
Michael Robinson
David Hocken
Graham Ryan

Club Champions

Who is the greatest player to ever represent Kalamunda?

Those with long memories speak highly of the skills of Alex Fewings and Derek Worsey in the 70’s.  In the 80’s both Andrew Scanlon and Chris Tyrie went on the play Classic League at Melville and Vic Park, respectively, in between playing stints at Kalamunda.  Ron Glew was probably past his absolute best by the time he joined Kalamunda in 1992, but was a dominant force through the remainder of the decade, even when technically a Veteran.  Mark Lewis was a less obvious star, but would get many votes from his goalkeepers.  And its argued that Glen Ryan, with two Fairest & Bests trophies for our top side while still a junior, could’ve been anything if the attractions of the south-west lifestyle hadn’t dragged him away.

While there will never be an undisputed answer to this question, few would argue that David Newton must be near the top of any list.  Others may have been blessed with more skill or flair, but few have fully used such talents as consistently as Dave, who was a fixture in Kalamunda’s top sides from 1977 through to the early 90’s.  He tried to “retire” to the seconds at various stages in the late 80’s, but even then his position as the club’s leading full-back was rarely in doubt.

What clearly distinguished Dave from other players was the force of his personality and his physical presence on the hockey field.  It was never an option for Dave to give less than 100% on a hockey field, and leading by example he dragged others up to his level of commitment.  He effectively became an icon for the club – opposition teams that saw they were due to play Kalamunda would instantly recall Dave’s height, strength, booming voice and steely glare.  Opponents (and umpires) intimidated by this would forget that Dave had an amazing natural eye for the ball and reverse stick skills, and the vast majority of his tackles were perfectly executed.  His control was exceptional for such a large man, while a number of goalkeepers were made to look good by Dave’s clean trapping of powerful short corner shots.

A serious back injury stopped Dave’s playing career while he was still a major contributor at 2B level.  He returned more than a year later to play Veterans B, but was soon forced to retire permanently.  However, he maintains an involvement in the game through umpiring, predominantly at 2A and 1B level.  In view of the frustration he felt with umpires over the years, its ironical that he’s one of the favourites amongst players in those grades, where he often receives the back-handed compliment: “You were an absolute #$@%! to play against, but you’re a great umpire.”

dnewton1David Newton: Club champion, three times club president, Life Member.

In 1996 the club chose to recognise Dave’s contribution by initiating the David Newton Club Champion Honour Board.  Each year, the senior players, male and female, who are chosen as the most outstanding players representing the club within each association are now entered onto this board.  Those selected to date are listed below.

David Newton Club Champion Honour Board

Year Womens Mens
1996 Sarah Allanson Marty Campbell
1997 Megan Andrews Glen Ryan
1998 Jenny Lewis Lyle Robertson
1999 Metro: Kylie Ryan
Hills: Robyn McGillivray
Robbie Cameron
2000 Metro: Jane Arney Scott Little
2001 Hills: Donna Frost
Metro: Kristy Abbott
Lyle Robertson
2002 Adele Doherty Scott Wills
2003 Jo Trembath Nathan Jamieson
2004 Jane Arney Graham Briggs
2005 Amy Watson Nathan Jamieson
2006 Hanna Crombie Damien Turner
2008 J. Trembath Grant Fitzgerald
2009 J. Trembath P. George
2010 A. Watson N. Jamieson
2011 J. Whitehearst S. Robertson
2012 J. Trembath D. Robertson
2013 J. Trembath D. Robertson
2014 B. O’Reilly L. Baile
2015 J. Fitzgerald D. Robertson
2016 B. O’Reilly D. Robertson

The David Scanlon Memorial Shield

(Best Club Member)

At Kalamunda the “Best Club Person” (Best Club Man back in the 70’s and early 80’s) is awarded to a member, typically still an active player, who has made a great contribution to the club both on and off the field.  Since 1989 this person has been acknowledged on the David Scanlon Memorial Shield, initiated to honour the memory of the man who was the embodiment of club spirit.


David Scanlon
Club President 1978-1979
Junior Coordinator 1980-1988
WAHA Award of Merit
(awarded in 1988 for outstanding service to hockey in this state)

David Scanlon began his playing career with Fremantle as a junior and also played as a senior in their first XI.  He joined the young Kalamunda Hockey Club in 1969, and remained associated with the club as a player, coach (junior and senior), committee member, president or junior coordinator up to his death in 1988.  He was a playing coach in the undefeated B1 Green Premiership side of 1971 (the club’s first Premiership) and also won his first Best Club Man award.  Despite a long playing career, he is best remembered for his outstanding organisational skills and wonderful rapport with juniors.  In the early 1980’s, while the club’s senior playing strength was at a low ebb, David’s efforts greatly expanded our junior base, generating a number of quality players, may of which are still playing at a high level today.  He was not only good at passing on knowledge of hockey to juniors, but sharing with them his love for the game.  He also represented Kalamunda on the WAHA Junior Committee, which he chaired for four years.

David had long had the ambition of building clubrooms to give the club a proper home and a sense of permanency.  He became the driving force in fund raising as well as in gaining support from the Kalamunda Shire and the Department of Sport & Recreation.  Construction began in 1986, with an official opening in 1987.  The club had no hesitation in naming the building the “David Scanlon Pavilion”.

Its hard to express adequately in words the influence David Scanlon had on hockey within Kalamunda and the surrounding districts.  Neil Mannolini did it as well as anyone could on the front page of the Hockey Bulletin(August 6, 1988):

Some walk tall, some ARE TALL,
some work hard, some work more,
some keep giving, never taking,
cramming more hours of honest endeavour in hours waking,

Quietly doing, no song and dance, no keeping score.

Dave did more.

He started as a teacher, then graduated to flying high.
Yet when not jetting, he was on ground contributing.
Kalamunda Hockey Club last year named a pavilion after him,
they knew how much he did for their juniors especially.
But we all knew, and enjoyed his management skills, his talent.

Sadly we took it for granted.
Not knowingly, but in fact we did.

Today David Barnaby SCANLON is not with us,

we can’t shake his hand and say well done.

We shed a tear when we heard the news
God has called upstairs a favourite son,
he now flies the celestial crews.

Janet and family are sadder than us.
We share their grief, express our tearful sympathy;
Hockey’s gratitude in thankful chorus,
God bless you, David Scanlon.

More than a decade after his passing, Dave Scanlon is remembered by all with affection and respect, and as representing all that was good about our club.

David Scanlon Memorial Shield for the Best Club Member:

2015: M.Oosterling 2016: B.Ryan
2004: Andrew Vincent 2005: Richard Guthrie
2002: Dennis Wills 2003: Chad Brookes
2000: Ben Rowcroft 2001: Angela Penberthy
1998: Jo Rowcroft 1999: Phil Fawell
1996:  – 1997: Lynne Edwards
1994: Tanya Ryniker 1995: Craig Whittome & David Corboy
1992: Matthew Scanlon 1993: Stuart Maddison
1990: Phil Taylor 1991: Kevin Taylor
1989: Aileen Moore

Outstanding Club Contributors

YearNairn Ashworth award Ralph Blazey award Maurice Gouldthorp award Paul Hulcup award Bob Sturgeon award
best junior coachbest off-field contribution to the clubbest senior rookie mensbest on/off field in the 3’sbest senior rookie ladies
& A.Mowle
& F.Sharp

Top Goal Scorer

A new award was created in 2003 for the player with the highest goal tally at the end of the season for Mens, Womens and Veterans:

Award for the Best Goal Scorer

Year Mens Womens Veterans
2005 Anton Brown (30) Lynne Edwards No award given
2004 Dave Clements (11) Lynne Edwards (10) Ray Domingo (13)
2003 Anton Brown (20) Lynne Edwards (21) Dave Hocken (14)

Top Goal Keeper

The second new award created in 2003 was the Joe Bruers Award for the most outstanding performance by a Goalkeeper throughout the grades.

Joe Bruers Award for the Best Goal Keeper

Year Winner
2016 K.O’Driscoll
2015 Men: Flynn Sharp
Women: Molly George
2005 Dave Meiers
2004 Ben Rowcroft
2003 Ben Rowcroft



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