Return To Training Plan

KalaHockey are excited to announce that planning is underway for a return to training for all our members!

This plan is being developed based on advice from HockeyWA and the City of Kalamunda, as well as information from the State Government of Western Australia around Phase 2 restrictions.

The Committee is working hard to develop the COVID-19 documents required by HockeyWA and the City of Kalamunda to allow us to recommence group training. Training may look slightly different for a while and we will provide more information on that prior to kicking off training.

Pending approval, we are working towards commencing turf training for all Seniors on Wednesday 27th May 2020, with Senior grass training from the same date. Junior training will follow shortly after this. At this stage Minkey is still paused, but we are looking at a possible Term 3 start.

Until this approval is received, no official KalaHockey training will take place, but you can continue the training you have been doing through the Phase 1 restrictions.

HockeyWA are working on new season fixtures, which at this stage looks to launch in late June and extend until the end of September. We want to give our players as much opportunity to prepare for the start of the season as we can, as well as encouraging fitness in a safe and controlled environment.

Players will be contacted by their coach or respective representative shortly so we can manage player numbers and determine if we still have enough players for our teams. Please keep an eye on your emails, social media and other contact methods.

Your representatives are:

  • Senior Men – David Robertson
  • Senior Women – Courtney Hill
  • Masters – Dave Hocken
  • Juniors – BJ O’Reilly

Once finalised, training will run at both Guildford Turf and our Hartfield Park home ground. Unfortunately due to government restrictions our club rooms will remain closed for the moment, with the exception for emergency access to the toilets.

In the meantime we strongly encourage all members to complete the Infection Control Training – COVID 19 course available from This is a free, short course to support each group through the Phase 2 restrictions. It would be great to see as many people as possible complete this training. We ask that anyone that does the course please email their certificate to

We would also encourage members to have their annual flu shot and download the Federal Government’s COVID Safe app, but these not required to train.

To our KalaFamily we again thank you for your patience in preparing for a return to training. We’ll soon be back to playing the sport we lock: HOCKEY! Please stay safe and look out for each other.

KalaHockey Moves Forward With Field Lighting Project

Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club is moving forward with plans to increase the field lighting at their club rooms at Hartfield Park.

Currently we only have sufficient lighting to cover the training area, which amounts to only two teams being able to train under lights at the same time.

KalaHockey has established a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) to raise the funds for this project.

The expansion of our lighting will enable us to increase training participation, especially during the winter months when it gets darker earlier. It also gives us the opportunity to explore mid week competitions during the summer.

Anyone that would like to donate towards our lighting project can do so by clicking here.

The ASF was founded by the Federal Government in 1986 and provides a way for sporting clubs to seek funding that allow donors to make tax deductible donations for values more than $2. You can read more about how it works by clicking here.

Kalahockey Update 30th April 2020

On Monday 27th April, the Western Australian State Government made an announcement regarding restrictions around COVID-19.

The announcement stated that indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings of up to 10 people are now allowed at:

  • Weddings and funerals
  • Outdoor personal training (no shared equipment)
  • Home opens and display village inspections

This is a great result and a testament to the efforts of all of Western Australians. It may be a small reduction in restrictions, but it shows that we’re heading in the right direction.

Social distancing is still in effect and advice from the WA State Government is to:

  • Minimise all unnecessary contact with others
  • Keep 1.5 metres away from others
  • Avoid physical greetings such as handshakes, hugs and kisses
  • Use tap and pay instead of cash

What this means for KalaHockey

With outdoor personal training now available for up to 10 people, players can now do fitness training in larger groups.

Unfortunately with the restriction on shared equipment, this means that there can be no use of communal equipment, such as balls.

KalaHockey is not running training sessions just yet, but with outdoor personal training now available for up to 10 people, players can do their own fitness training in larger groups, observing the guidelines set out by the State Government. A maximum of 10 people, including bystanders such as those aiding the sessions, supporters or parents, can attend at one time, being aware that no sharing of equipment is allowed (including balls).

The fields are available for group fitness training, however the club rooms (including the change rooms) will remain closed as we are unable to ensure the proper sanitation standards are maintained. Field lights also remain deactivated as per instructions from the City of Kalamunda.

If players have any questions, please direct them to your coach, and please remember when gathering to stick to the guidelines set out by the WA State Government

Passing Fun

Calling all Kala people! We’re looking for short videos from our KalaFamily of them passing the ball.

The idea is to collect lots of videos of people receiving the ball from their right and passing the ball off to their left, all while dressed up in your best Kala gear!

When you’ve filmed your email it to or message the video to our Facebook page. We’ll stitch the videos together into an amazing tapestry of passing and trapping.

I wonder what creative locations we’ll see people passing the ball from?

Goals and Club During Break

Thank you for your patience during these difficult times. You have all been Super Stars in your endurance.

We’ve noticed a few of you doing your own training down the club. It’s awesome that you’re keeping your skills up during the break. We only ask that when you’re done that you push the goals back to the area with all the other goals. This keeps the grounds clear for when the City of Kalamunda come down to mow the fields.

We also ask that if anyone sees something that is broken, needs attention or anything suspicious to let us know either by contacting a Committee member or by emailing

Thanks again for being you!