Junior Survey 2020

KalaHockey is seeking some feedback from Juniors and Junior parents about the 2020 season. If you can spare a few minutes, please fill out the survey below.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated before Friday the 13th November.

Junior Survey 2020



KalaHockey Commits to Container Deposit Scheme

KalaHockey has partnered with Western Australia Return Recycle Renew (WARRRL) to participate in the WA Containers For Change scheme.

On the 1st October Containers For Change will officially start in WA, allowing us to recieve a 10c refund on all intact, eligible containers.

KalaHockey has signed up to become a Virtual Donation Point. That means that when you take your eligible containers to a drop off point you can supply our Scheme ID and the refund will go to our wonderful club!

KalaHockey’s Scheme ID is C10272713.

You can find your closest drop off point by clicking here.

Thanks to Scouts WA we will also have a mini-skip at the club for members to drop off their eligible containters during Spring Hockey @ Hartfield.

Containers for Change targets drink containers most commonly seen as litter. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund.

All containers smaller than 150ml and bigger than 3L are not eligible for a refund. Other ineligible containers include:

  • plain milk containers,
  • glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits,
  • large containers (1L or more) which have contained flavoured milk, pure juice, cask wine or cask water,
  • cordial or vegetable juice containers,
  • wine sachets above 250ml,
  • and registered health tonics

A good indication that your containers are eligible for a refund is if they have the text “10c refund at collection depots/points in participating state/territory of purchase”. If you want to check if your container is part of the Containers For Change scheme, you can enter its barcode on the Containers For Change website to find out.

Spring Hockey Returns For 2020

Please note: Due to ground scheduling conflicts Spring Hockey @ Hartfield 2020 will have a bye on the 6th November. The end date will now be Friday the 11th December.

You can still register! Come down to a Spring Hockey session and complete registration then.

New this season, Senior Skills Sessions. From 5:15pm to 6pm any Senior Players can be taken through some skills exercises to help them improve their game and then have a scratch match at 6pm. Senior Skills Sessions are suitable for all players, from those new to the game to more experienced players.

Knowledge Gained At Intro To Umpiring Clinic

Thank you to everyone that attended our Intro To Umpiring clinic on Monday night.

The session was presented by Reece Young, an umpire with many years experience.

Reece took participants through the basics of umpiring, including how to

position yourself to best see the play, how to manage the game and players, and how to address player behaviour.

The night also saw the launch of our Junior Umpire Academy. An expression of interest was sort from players to become an umpire and also for those experienced umpires to become mentors. If you are interested in becoming an umpire or a mentor please complete the relevant form below:

The presentation from the night is also available for you to view. Click here to download it.

You can also become a Community Umpire by completing the free course on HockeyEd.

  • Visit HockeyEd and log into your account. If you do not have an account you can sign up for one.
  • Once loged in you can register for the free Community Umpire Accreditation by clicking ‘Umpire’, then ‘Community Umpire’. Here you can view the learning material.
  • Once you have read the learning material there is a short quiz with interactive videos and questions for you to answer. It should take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.
  • Download the Practical Competency Checklist and organise with your local HockeyEd Coordinator to have your umpiring practically evaluated during a match of at least 45 minutes.
  • Finally let our Umpiring Coordinator, Pete Kenny know that you are willing and available to help with umpiring of games.

A Message From Our President

Last weekend we saw our official restart of the 2020 season. Despite the weather, our Kala teams had a cracking start, which is a testament to all the hard work our coaches, managers and players have put in to restarting. This has been an unusual start to say the least! The same week I became President, our season was “paused” by HockeyWA as we faced the COVID-19 shutdowns. There were moments we weren’t sure if hockey would be returning at all this year. This has only been possible because of so many people in our WA community doing the right thing and keeping each other safe.

Shutting the season down was a sprint, but reopening was a marathon. I would like to thank my committee and non-committee members who have worked so hard to make sure we were able to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Everyone who made sure the clubrooms were taken care of during our break, who kept communications going through our newsletter and Facebook while we were unable to meet in person, who worked extra hard keeping in touch with players, registering, organising coaches and teams and training – we would not be here today without all your efforts. We are almost back to “new normal” with the restart of Minkey in a few weeks time. I’d like to acknowledge the City of Kalamunda who checked in with us regularly to see if we needed assistance – we are very grateful to be a part of this community.

Keep looking out for each other both on and off the field. Remember to keep practicing physical distancing where we can, keep washing and sanitising hands regularly and if sick please stay home! If you see someone forget some of these rules remember its kind to remind each other so we can keep enjoying our hockey together.

Congratulations to our community on the successful start of the 2020 season and good luck Kala!

Kimberly Hortin
President Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club

Training Returns to KalaHockey

This week marks a major milestone in our return to playing hockey. It’s taken a while to get here and we very much appreciate your understanding in these difficult times. We can now confirm that training recommences this week for all senior players and select Juniors.

There are a lot of resources out there, so we’ve compiled an easy list so everyone understands what the club expects from them and what they can expect from the club. These have been developed based on advice from Hockey WA and the City of Kalamunda, as well as information from the State Government of Western Australia around Phase 2 Restrictions.

Expectations of Players – get in, get out

  • Arrival
    Players will need to wait in their cars until their training time. At Guildford, there will be a meeting area at the Northern End of the field near the toilets for teams to gather from 10 mins prior to training. At Hartfield Park, please wait in your car until your coach is ready for you. Training is staggered to support this.
  • Stick to your zone
    Each zone will have a maximum of 20 people allowed for training and players/coaches cannot cross between zones, including warm ups.
  • Players will need to come to training ready to go
    There will be no change facilities. Only bring what you need to train – stick, water bottle, car keys. The dugouts and seating will be closed so there is nowhere to leave your bags.
  • Facilities
    The only facilities available at Hartfield Park and Guildford are the toilets (and for “emergencies” only). There is no access to the changerooms/water fountains/clubroom etc
  • Sanitise
    Hand wash or sanitise before, during and after training. The venue and coaches will have sanitiser for you
  • Sign In
    Coaches will take a record of all players at training. Please make sure the club has your up to date contact details. You must be a registered player to train
  • Hygiene
    If you are not well, please don’t come to training. If a Coach notices you are not well, you will be sent home.

Expectations of Coaches

  • Physical distancing is still in effect.
    Coaches will be running training and drills that keep players 1.5m apart.
  • Sign In
    Coaches will need to take a record of players at their training session (both hockey and fitness training from 27th May). A scan or copy of this list must be sent to info@nullkalahockey.org.au after each training session. If training at Guildford, this will also need to be sent electronically to Guildford.
  • Infection Training
    All coaches will need to complete the COVID-19 Infection course before being able to recommence training with their team. We encourage all KalaHockey members to complete this training – it is online, free, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • Hygiene
    KalaHockey will provide all coaches with sanitiser and disinfectant for equipment to be used after each session.

Expectations of the Club

  • Spectators
    At this time we can’t accommodate spectators at Hartfield Park or Guildford. All seating is closed and there are no facilities accessible.
  • Drop off
    If you are being dropped off at Guildford or Hartfield Park, the driver can either wait in their car until training is finished or leave and come back. Groups should not be formed for socialising in car parks.
  • Hygiene
    In each toilet and at other convenient locations you will find a Sanitising Station. Coaches will also have sanitiser, so players can sanitise inside their Zone

We are still waiting for confirmation of the season fixtures and revised fees. At this time, most Juniors and Minkey hockey is still on pause, and we will keep you posted on any developments. If you have any feedback or suggestions following training this week please send to info@nullkalahockey.org.au so we can keep improving on our processes.

Training Times

Guildford Turf Training
Wednesday 10th June
Time Team
5:30 to 6:30 Junior 9/10 Girls
5:40 to 6:40 Junior 9/10 Boys and Junior 11/12
6:45 to 7:45 Mens 1s & 2s
6:50 to 7:50 Mens 3’s & 4’s
8:00 to 9:15 Ladies 1’s, 2’s and 3’s

Wednesday 27th May
Time Zone Team
5:45 to 6:45       North      Junior 9/10
5:55 to 6:55       South      Mens 1
7:00 to 8:00       North      Mens 2
7:10 to 8:10       South      Womens 1
8:20 to 9:20       North      Womens 2/3
8:30 to 9:30       South      Mens 3/4

Hartfield Park
Thursday 11th June
Time Zone Team
5:00 to 6:00 Zone 1 Junior 7/8s
6:20 to 7:20      Zone 1      Mens 5
6:30 to 7:30      Zone 2      Womens 4

Tuesday 9th June
Time Zone Team
5:00 to 6:00      Zone 1      Junior 5/6

Thursday 28th May
Time Zone Team
6:20 to 7:20      Zone 1      Mens 5
6:30 to 7:30      Zone 2      Womens 4

Please note that these times may change after assessment by the Committee.