KalaChallenge: Juniors Colouring Competition

Welcome to the first of our KalaChallenges!

We’ve got a special treat for our Junior members, a colouring in competition!

Click here for the pictures to colour in.

Choose the picture you like the best and get creative! Once you’re finish, take a photo of it and post it to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to put your name and age on it!

Winners will be announced in our Newsletter and get a $20 Uniform Shop voucher.

Kalahockey Update 25th March 2020

Thank you to everyone for your patience. We cannot thank you enough for waiting while we assess this new world we find ourselves in. It has been extremely tough finding our way when things are constantly changing. On a day to day basis we are assessing and reassessing what we can in the best interest of our club, our members and the wider community.

On the 24th March Hockey Australia release a new statement. Hockey Australia have cancelled all National Championships for 2020 but have re-emphasised a commitment to local competitions taking place.

Your Committee has been working hard to formulate a plan and to get answers to some of your burning questions.

The big one on everyone’s mind is no doubt fees and club finances in general. Kalahockey is lucky to be in a relatively strong financial position. We will take a big hit, but we will survive.

Advice from HockeyWA is still that the season will commence after the 31st May. If you are not currently registered but still want to play this season please contact our Registrars, Amber for Seniors and Judith for Juniors. Once the 2020 season dates are confirmed we will provide updates for revised season fees.

We also want to look after our Kalafamily. If anyone is experiencing hardships, financial or otherwise, please let us know. We will do what we can to help each other.

In line with other hockey facilities and government requirements, training will now be paused until at least late April. Our club room is closed and the City of Kalamunda have turned off the field lighting for all Hartfield Park.

We have been in touch with the coaches we already have and have asked them to develop some training routines that can be done in isolation so we can maintain our skills. Leighton and Rusty sent this video around to their players to encourage them to keep their skills up. If you’ve got any good routines, please share them with us through Facebook using #kalahockey or by tagging us or posting on our page.

We are also looking at other ways to engage with our members through virtual means. We’re lucky enough to have a number of our games from last year recorded and are looking at hosting a watch party, where we will broadcast one of them and virtual attendees can interact through a text chat. We’re also looking at a series of KalaChallenges that members can participate in at home. More details of this will be coming soon.

If you have any suggestions about other virtual events we can run, please message our Facebook page or email info@nullkalahockey.org.au.

The situation is still evolving at a great rate of knots and your Committee is continuing to monitor and assess advice on a daily basis. The messages of support that we have received from our members are so uplifting and reflect the love and care we have for all of you. Please stay safe, practice social distancing, if you feel sick, even if you don’t think it is COVID-19, self-isolate, and if you need help ask.

We love you all and will get through this together.


Coronavirus Update 17th March

Earlier today HockeyWA released an updated response to the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 situation.

In this update HockeyWA have announced that the start to all competitions and all hockey related events have been postponed until after the 31st May. In further communications to the Committee, HockeyWA has recommended that all clubs do the same.

With that in mind the Executive and the Committee have had many discussions over the last few days about what that looks like for Kalahockey.

It is with sadness that we announce we have cancelled the remainder of our Summer Hockey series as well as the planned Carnival scheduled for Saturday the 21st March. We are also cancelling the Galadent Mouth Guard Clinic scheduled for Thursday the 2nd April.

It is also with sadness that we have chosen to cancel all training until the week commencing 6th April. We will also be closing access to the club rooms until then as well. The Committee is constantly assessing the situation and will advise of any changes to this current plan.

This is not something we have done lightly. As players, coaches and officials we too want to be training, playing and interacting with our Kalafamily.

These are extraordinary times and we want to make sure that the health and safety of our members and the wider public is looked after. We feel the best way we can do that is to limit our exposure and thus limit the spread of this virus.

Our strategy for dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19 will not end there.The Committee is monitoring the situation and working hard on a plan to help us through the next few months as we come to realise its full impact.

We also know that you’ll have lots of questions. Some of those questions we don’t yet have an answer for, but we will endeavor to find one. We ask at this time that you please channel your questions to the Committee through your player representatives.

Thank you for your continued love and patience as we work our way through this difficult event, unprecedented in a lot of our lifetimes. We very much appreciate your support.

Coronavirus Update 16th March

The last week has seen some more announcements regarding Coronavirus COVID-19. The Kalahockey Committee would like to let you know we are currently monitoring releases from Hockey WA, Hockey Australia and various State and Federal government agencies to make sure we are responding in the best way we can to the changing landscape.

As of Thursday 12th March we are following Hockey WA and Hockey Australia advice to continue with planned activities (including the Carnival on the 21st March) with increased hygiene and asking members to self-exclude if they are experiencing flu-like symptoms, even if you don’t think it is COVID-19. We also ask anyone who has been overseas recently or spent time with someone who was overseas recently to self-exclude, whether you have symptoms or not.

We are also adopting the following recommendations from HockeyWA and Hockey Australia:

  • Replacing handshakes at the start and conclusion of games with other non-contact versions, such as tapping sticks, a fist pump or a thumbs up.
  • Only using your water bottle and avoiding sharing with others or using communal water bottles.
  • Take care with shared food handling. If your team has oranges or lollies to share, please use tongs to distribute them
  • Continue to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Keep 1.5m from anyone coughing or sneezing

It is very important for players and spectators to follow these recommendations so we can limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect those most at risk, such as the elderly.

Kalahockey is monitoring the situation daily and will update our members if there are further developments

We thank you for your help in keeping everyone at Kalahockey healthy, happy and ready for an awesome season.

Galadent Mouthguard Night

Update March 17
Due to events beyond our control we have been forced to cancel this event.
For more information click here.

Protect those pearly whites! Galadent Dental are taking bookings for mouthguard fittings at the club on Thursday 2nd April between 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

To book an appointment, go to www.galadent.com.au and click on Mouthguard Booking. Look for Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club, select a time and follow the prompts to complete the booking form. One appointment is for one player only. If you have multiple players needing mouthguards please book them individual appointments.

While you are on the website please download the Mouthguard Form by clicking on ‘Mouthguard Form’ and then ‘Download Form’ Make sure you save it on your computer before you complete it as some browsers will not save your typed information unless it has been saved locally first. This will let you select the type of mouthguard along with any customisations you would like.

Once completed, please print both pages of the form and bring it to your appointment. Hardcopies will be available on the night.

Payment is required on the night by either filling in your credit card details on the Mouthguard Form or by paying in cash or by cheque (Please make cheques payable to Galadent Detnal).

Date: Thursday 2nd April
Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Where: Kalahockey Club Rooms

Minkey, Junior and Senior Carnival

Update March 17
Due to events beyond our control we have been forced to cancel this event
For more information click here

Kalahockey is hosting a Minkey, Junior and Senior Carnival on Saturday 21st March.All Kalamunda players are welcome to attend.

Minkey will start from 9:30am, Juniors from 10:30am and Seniors from 1pm. Come down for a fabulous day of hockey and fun!

If other clubs would like to participate, please nominate a team by emailing secretary@nullkalahockey.org.au by Sunday 15th March.